These highlights seem to be all that remain of one of the original discussions between George Noory, Clif High, and George Ure.

  • 00:28 Release vs Tension periods
  • 01:53 September 19: Langauge will shift from release to build
  • 03:13 Near-death experience of the dollar
  • 04:18 Flooding events blurring into global situation with wind-driven damage
  • 07:25 Pandemic – Bird Flu and something else – Jan-Feb
  • 08:30 Fungus Among Us in Fall
  • 09:45 Cold that causes people to build fires on their roofs
  • 11:30 Outlook for economy; Collapse of Dollar
  • 12:40 Terrorism; 9/11
  • 14:14 2012; Grim descriptors; Only a problem for a very few;
  • 17:20 Started picking up 2012 language in 1997

Original audio:

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