In his first appearance on Rense, Clif goes deep into his consultant work for Microsoft and details early prediction achievements of his Web Bot tool.

  • 00:02:44 Clif’s consultant work for Microsoft on tricky issues with huge databases
  • 00:11:10 Clif’s first contact with George Ure
  • 00:16:12 Clif’s Vortex Reader program; Prediction of 9/11
  • 00:27:00 Sweeping the Internet
  • 00:39:50 Prediction of the Columbia disaster
  • 00:44:36 Book: Timeline by Michael Crichton
  • 00:46:50 Emotional visibility; Northeast Power Outage predicted three weeks early
  • 00:50:15 China operating similar prediction software
  • 00:58:15 What the Web Bot report offers; $150 oil
  • 01:07:00 Push for war with Iran

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