The first half of this show seems to be missing, but this is the second half dealing with caller questions. The “Evangelical Unburdening” is addressed.

  • 00:27 Powers That Be project their own fear of death on the planet
  • 08:15 Silver Slopes
  • 14:30 Evangelical Unburdening – Rick Warren and Saddleback Church
  • 17:30 Depopulation agenda; Buckminster Fuller; Military and lack of Posse Comitatus
  • 24:00 Eliminating Internet radio
  • 24:44 Government document dealing with imminent rise of sea level
  • 27:42 Catherine Austin Fitts – Focus on local collectives – Self Organizing Collectives (SOC)
  • 29:00 Scam forecasted; Soiled pants
  • 32:40 Emergence of new honorific
  • 35:10 Government whistleblower
  • 35:37 Summer from Hell


This show’s archives seem to no longer exist. However, it was syndicated through The Black Vault Radio Network (BVRN).

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