Clif High on Jeff Rense

Good discussion about the influence of sacred geometry on planetary politics, weather, and geology along with concepts of the Electric Universe and Expanding Earth.

  • 00:58 Show begins
  • 01:32 Clif joins show; Israeli Mistake; Israel taking over Gaza; Brutality; Khazars vs the real Semitic people; Zionist
  • 09:25 Depleted Uranium; Agony and torment required by evil
  • 13:40 Russians have new class of weapons – Sunburn; Russia is, perhaps, the most free country on the planet
  • 15:37 Sacred Geometry and political movements of the Earth
  • 16:48 Atmospheric River; Ice Age; Sudden Catastrophic Climate Change; Quick formation of mountains; Lake Titicaca from seaport to mountain in days
  • 23:17 Plasma expansion; Electric Universe; Expanding Earth
  • 26:45 Collapse of Universities
  • 29:30 China economy failing; Memering; Scripted Melodrama; Failing world economy and mass die-off
  • 35:33 Opting Out; Three generations of brainwashing; Tom Corbett
  • 40:18 Ultraviolet C

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