This show covers a wide variety of subjects including the synqwink idea, the possible return of the Russian Village system for superior food production, and the strobe effect used by TVs for deeper mind programming.

  • 00:24 Clif’s is sore Aikido randori training; The choice to live a conscious life; Buckminster Fuller
  • 06:05 Clif’s material starting to show up on YouTube; Censorship and subliminals; Buckminster Fuller’s invisible hand; Bespoke terms for emotion
  • 17:24 Twin earthquake non-event
  • 22:35 Point of Transformation; SynqWink;
  • 31:00 Government runs on debt, not taxes; Iraq War was a failed experiment
  • 36:30 US Dollar “rejected by all”; SOCs (Self-Organizing Collectives); Dmitry Orlov: Reinventing Collapse; Squatter Movement; Russian Village system
  • 44:15 1930s labor movement nearly broke the US
  • 46:00 Strobing effect of TV to reach into brain; Buckminster Fuller; Fluoride and the Pineal Gland; THC is neurogenic

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