36-minute interview with Clif on the Nightwatch show hosted by Todd Sheets. Subjects include psychic leakage, The Secret, Age of Aquarius, and two concepts of time.

  • 02:00 Clif introduced by host Todd Sheets; Psychic Leakage; “Half Past Human” is from a series of science fiction stories aggregated into a novel in the 1950s
  • 10:25 Five-Bushel Daoist; The Secret
  • 14:12 Remote Viewing; Art Bell
  • 16:20 Matter doesn’t exist the way we were taught in school; Universe is energetic; Torus, 22 trillion times per second; Humans are dynamic antennas
  • 21:30 Many human minds will short out
  • 24:35 Moved into Age of Aquarius
  • 25:50 7-month warning before Banda Aceh quake
  • 26:50 Two concepts of time: Chronos (linear) and Kairos (opportunity)
  • 30:55 Time travel can’t exist
  • 38:22 Interview ends
  • 42:45 Second part of show begins with author Marie Jones

Direct Audio Link: https://www.nightwatchuniverse.com/radio/NW-CliffHigh-MarieJones-06-2-09.mp3

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