Although an earlier Earth Mysteries interview is mentioned, this seems to be the only one remaining. Clif has noticed a twice-in-28-day eb-and-flow cycle in the data.

  • 02:50 Freudian slips and predictive linguistics
  • 07:40 28-day ebb and flow cycle in data; Metadata; Transformation
  • 12:30 Hyperinflation
  • 14:57 Israel will attack Iran
  • 22:50 Alien Wars; May 14 Global Coastal Event
  • 27:10 Undeniable earth changes
  • 33:00 Conversion to gold & silver currency will be 5-year process; Breakdown of Just-in-Time system and pharmaceutical shortage
  • 38:00 Zimbabwe potential fertility and productivity if government is out of the way; SOCs (Self-Organizing Collectives); 72-year currency cycle

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