Truism: Government Lies. Many are refusing the swine flu vaccine. Dog-walking hour in Russia.

  • 01:25 Master of Crust and Pie Adept; 5000 units of Vitamin D
  • 06:50 Large push of fascism and patriarchal control is now being responded to by the populace
  • 08:28 Delete one bill for every bill that is passed
  • 12:18 Theft of Clif’s reports; Current report: Shape of Things to Come;
  • 15:20 China dumping derivatives
  • 23:15 Debasing of the currency; Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • 29:38 People waking up to Swine Flu vaccine; Government lies;
  • 33:50 Dog-Walking Hour in Russia
  • 36:25 Universe favors humans; Slavery “bred” fitter blacks
  • 38:05 Wind shift; Carbon Dioxide balance

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