This one-time interview with the ladies on Beyond the Ordinary Radio focuses on freeing oneself from the grip of the Powers That Be by gaining control over one’s fear response through fore-knowledge, breathing techniques, and more.

  • 10:00 Largest commercial real estate lender went bankrupt; Commercial real estate overbuilt; Demolition Dana
  • 14:00 Petroleum-based fertilizer will become too expensive; US consuming 14-15X the rest of the world
  • 18:00 Panic over swine flu
  • 23:00 Palace of Sorcerer’s (Vatican); Magma bulge in Northwest
  • 29:15 Delicate balancing act of the Powers That Be…will they be able to last?
  • 35:40 BBS, Floppynet, and other early, decentralized independent internet
  • 38:25 Death is pre-ordained by Universe; Reports are like a preparation vaccine; Controlling fear
  • 51:20 Breathing techniques to cleanse body of fear cycle; Dominate nostril alternates every 20 minutes

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