Before he started his YouTube channel and offering WUJO’s there, Clif recorded audio versions for his fans and subscribers. This is the earliest one we’ve discovered so far. Beware of cults of personality!

  • 01:10 Thoughts on society’s current transition from the hierarchical model and its “schooling” system.
  • 11:00 Powers That Be want to manipulate your grief over loss of attachment to previous model; THRIVE documentary
  • 15:00 Fascism defends the old paradigm
  • 16:45 The newly-awakened should be alert to attaching themselves to cults of personality/gurus
  • 18:50 The gurus that think they know something will also cause problems; Life of unknowing is the priority
  • 21:00 Guru followers are the real danger
  • 23:00 Importance of discernment around news stories; David Wilcock
  • 28:00 Think of ourselves as peasants who have certainty about our immediate locality. Beyond that, our level of uncertainty increases; The Great Unknowing
  • 34:00 Money has no value in calorie economy; Invest your energy

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