Lots of thoughts around a Coast to Coast show with Drunvalo Melchizedek. Expanding Earth, not pole shifts. How a common law legal system will work under a World Government of Citizens.

  • 01:25 Coast to Coast show with Drunvalo Melchizedek; Magnetic pole shift will induce a crustal pole shift
  • 06:00 Expanding Earth; No Big Bang; Little Bloop Theory
  • 11:00 Merkabah adopted by Rothschilds
  • 15:00 Instability is the nature of the planet; Master an esoteric discipline for stability
  • 21:30 Tectonic plates show no evidence of being subduction zones
  • 23:26 UN and double passports are problems; See Garry Davis books on world citizenship
  • 29:08 41 million displaced Palestinians due to a fiction created by the British; Where is your God?
  • 34:10 World Government of World Citizens documentation (https://worldcitizengov.org/ ?); Minds of visionaries are prepared when new things arrive and adopt early
  • 41:00 Legal system and punishment under the World Government of World Citizens

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