17 minutes from Clif’s head-cam while kayaking in Budd Inlet, Washington. No significant verbiage.

Clif’s notes in video description…

Paddle about in Budd Inlet on way over to Dragon boat festival in Oly. 

Was out for a few hours to get stock footage/stills, and video for upcoming IDIR reports. Also to see the Dragons race. 

My gopro2 case had water in it that heated up with the sun and fogged at about 15 minutes or so. i stopped this before the fog became too tedious, but i kept in the first of several encounters with the local harbor patrol guys. First one was congenial. Others, not so. The patrol kept me too far from Dragon race action for good fotos we think, but we will go through and see what can be used. 

The boat is my skin on frame kayak made in 2002? that i used  cedar ribs, steam bent, and fir stringers. 15 oz ballistic nylon skin with hypalon paint. Rigging it for trials of this new sail form for kayaks i am patenting (calling it a Sail-blade). Kayak has no rudder, instead having an internal rear (springy) skeg, and an external (larger) forward skeg, which allows me to proficiently paddle backwards...something that vexed the harbor patrol guys later on in the day. 

Out for just a few hours as the tides, and harbor patrol forced me to paddle a whoooole bunch more than anticipated...and old men get angry when hungry....so i did not want to turn pirate, and wisely headed back. 

Fought the peak of the ebb tide going in to the races, and fought the rising flood tide going back to launch area. 

Chemtrails overhead, but all in all, a good morning's paddle about.

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVeRTvkoZSY

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