2014: Expect both political parties to suffer due to the taint fraud and “slinks”—long sinkholes. This Immediacy Data Intelligence Report is accompanied by a new slideshow with Seattle area shipwrecks and volcanoes.

YouTube video description: Immediacy Data Intelligence Report May 18, 2014, Economic rollover, layoffs, dollar sell-off, creeping up to hyperinflation, volcanoes, slink-holes, gold/silver, pipelines, fires.

  • 01:12 Bad numbers at GUS (Government of US) lead to layoffs or exodus.
  • 05:45 Both parties tainted by fraud by August
  • 09:00 Amazon break-ins and riots over winter
  • 10:50 $20-$100/day moves in the price of silver
  • 11:48 Two dozen volcanos become active in the US; Very large earthquake in Pacific Northwest
  • 16:00 Transformation of the planet; Long-running sinks (slinks) – Long sinkholes or cave-ins
  • 20:45 Space Goats Farts; Swirly Thing alert

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diftT-ErODo

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