2015: Clif High’s original discussion of the Little Bloop Theory. This video is the point at which Clif leaves the slideshow/audio format and turns the corner to his current whiteboard teaching style.

YouTube video description: A too long discussion with white board graphics about the basics of the Little Bloop Theory of Universe, Matterium, Humans, Time and Space. Apologies to Sean David Morton (Kerry Cassidy will be pissed no matter what i say), but they are wrong about Artificial Intelligence.

  • 01:06 Big Bang is an outgrowth of religion: “My God is bigger than your God”; Full of fudge factors
  • 04:05 Little Bloop Theory; Universe started with an infinitesimal pulse; 22 trillion times per second
  • 07:05 Matterium – place in which human awareness perceives time, space, itself
  • 08:03 Universe = Sum of All Human Experience
  • 09:40 Pulse and Void; Continuous Creation/Destruction
  • 14:45 S & T factor – Space and Time; Quasi-exponential growth of the Universe
  • 22:50 Perception of solidity
  • 25:50 Pan Matterium Effective or Locally Effective
  • 31:40 Ever Present NOW
  • 36:36 AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an example of shit that is developed due to Big Bang thinking
  • 43:43 Center of Awareness is not in the head, it’s near the adrenals
  • 47:47 Details of reincarnation; Past lives distilled as intuition; Akashic Records
  • 53:25 Time Travel does not exist

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka6FKX9HlDM

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