2016: Understanding the concept of the triune human—Thinker, Knower, and Doer—and its place in galactic cycles.

YouTube video description: wujo discussing being human and the Thinker, Knower, and Doer-in-the-body portions as well as the effects of motion through universe on the human being.

  • 04:55 What it means to be human
  • 08:08 You are 1/12th part of the total human being
  • 10:20 Harold Percival’s Thinking and Destiny; Triune being – Tinker, Knower, Doer; Knower=Intuitian; Thinker=Thoughts;
  • 14:00 Only 1/12 of Doer comes into the body; 6 males and 6 females
  • 24:55 After death, next 1/12th subset will incarnate at some point in the future
  • 28:45 Metempsychosis, Heaven(s), Hell(s), Deep Rest
  • 31:50 DJSadhu YouTube channel on spiral galaxy; Dark Star; Galactic cycle = 25,920 years; Half cycle = 12,960; Golden Age = Sat Yuga, Silver Age = Treta Yuga, Bronze Age = Dvapara Yuga, Iron Age = Kali Yuga
  • 51:00 Monotheism
  • 53:55 Radiant Metal Atmosphere or Aether
  • 01:02:45 Boundary layer
  • 01:05:30 Try resins on Rodin Coils

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fmj3wzg4Ag

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