The first in a series of “discovery videos” in which Clif documents and shares his discoveries around magnetism. In this case, ferrofluid is used to demonstrate the behavior of magnetic fields.

YouTube video description: Discussion of rodin coils, ferrofluid, magnetic fields, new work at hph.

  • 00:37 Made offer on new property; New Electrics; Equivelant to the rise of automobiles;
  • 03:33 CERN; Quantum approach is entirely wrong; People working in attics will outpace officialdom science
  • 05:11 Rodin Coils and new perspectives on magnetism
  • 07:23 Normal diagrams of magnetic lines of force are not quite right; Ferrofluid with neodymium magnets provides much more accurate view of magnetic field; Vortexes of whirling metal; Current mathematics descriptions are very poor representations of behavior of magnetics

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