General report on data sets for summer that show breakdown of just-in-time delivery system and super-excessive rain.

YouTube Description: welcome to my office: (silver/gold/bitcoin): (paper currencies/bonds/real estate): (bank/mid tier corp failures): (drug shortage/nutters): (transport of stuff failures): Weather:

  • 00:30 Moved office to attic; Ceramic mask made by Clif
  • 05:14 Will be overwhelmed with info about weather, economics, and politics
  • 06:00 Expectations for silver, gold, bitcoin; Paper debt
  • 09:17 Shattered emotional attachment around paper currency and digital blips called money
  • 11:15 Whole bitcoins for international settlements; millibits (satoshis) for everyday use
  • 13:15 Mid-tear banks always on the verge of failure
  • 15:00 Political fracturing
  • 16:00 Bad decisions in government lead to drug shortages; Just-in-time system hardens; Mothballing of large fleets; Grocery store chains cannibalizing each other
  • 20:20 Weather; Water everywhere; Inland seas; Big earthquake; Super-excessive rain

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