Speculations on the coming food crises, earth expansion, “Rivers in the Say”, and Turkish Mistake.

YouTube Description: Visit halfpasthuman.com for the latest predictive linguistics ALTA reports! Follow clif on twitter for real time updates to data forecasts!

  • 00:37 Climate change alarmist vs Ice Age; Bo Polny 252 year cycle
  • 03:30 Crackup Boom
  • 06:10 Food Crises
  • 08:08 Earth Expansion
  • 11:25 Rivers in the Sky
  • 14:40 Why emotional components of silver are important
  • 17:24 Bitcoin still to $688; Human Sacrifice, False Flag; Dick Allgire remote viewing; Turkish Mistake

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bQogU7mdQo

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