7-minute clip in which Clif describes the data showing bitcoin bouncing between $888 and $1000 multiple times.

YouTube Description: In this web bot future forecast Youtube update, we cover the reason politics has not been in the ALTA reports until now. Also we go into the future of the parties, what happens in late September 2016, and why we are seeing the fracturing of the USAPop political party system now.

Other subjects include bitcoin, dollar value, when and when and when our data shows Bitcoin going to $1000 us dollars. Other data sets are briefly mentioned including the new electrics.

I also go into the benefits for the reader of the ALTA reports that includes mention of Russian diamonds, strange bending minerals, and further new electrics tie-ins.

  • 00:20 Atypical political nuance; Democrats in disarray; Change horses mid-stream
  • 02:45 Bitcoin multiple bouncing between $1000 and $888
  • 03:50 Turkish Mistake
  • 05:52 New Electrics

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvKhsvqOlPY

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