Clif plays with real-time marketing on Twitter and achieves an extremely successful conversion rate of 23%.

YouTube Description: How i went from zero to 22.93% conversion rate on Twitter ads.

Twitter is great. It dominates the real time space and that can make it a very effective test bed for marketeers in the social space.

Twitter also provides very powerful tools in-built with the Twitter advanced search feature.

Twitter is also very powerful for the quick and cheap advert test with very highly targeted advertising.

However, twitter is NOT like any of the other social media and can easily be abused.

Twitter ads are a form of content marketing on their own and need to offer value for the reader as well as harmonize with their interests.

How I went from 0.0% to 22.93% conversion rate on Twitter ads.

There were a total of 7 tests performed from Aug 12th onward.
The best conversion rate of the first 6 was 2.47% which was actually pretty good as I am now informed. Our cost per conversion on our best test was at .31 each.

Our 7th test results were achieved at a cost of .03 each! Yes, 3 cents each. At that cost, cheap to experiment and tune the results!

The 7th test I used the software from my predictive linguistics work, the ’emotive reduction engine’, and ran the twitter-feed through it for about a half an hour, isolated by an advanced search targeting specific words. I then used the results to tune my LP and my tweet. Then I launched the campaign and went to over 20% within the first few minutes. I knew I had the formula at that point. Conversions were also analyzed against follow-on behavior by visits to an amazon store I had set up for the test.

Test number 7 was profitable within a few hours.

The emotive reduction engine approach harmonizes with the underlying emotional tones of the tweetees such that we arrive at this initial level of the mid 20’s in conversions.

Our next goal will be for a 50+ % conversion off Twitter ads.

  • 03:10 Twitter’s value is it’s real-time charateristic
  • 05:30 First six tries didn’t get value for the money
  • 06:30 Seveth try successful; Thoughts, actions, and words must be tight in order to have integrity

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