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My web bot reports are forecasts of the future prepared by a process of predictive linguistics that uses data mining off the web to obtain some pretty spooky results.

I have been asked to provide 3 reasons to read my web bot reports. The world is big, time is limited, my reports are long, and the kid wanted to know why he should ‘waste his time’…

So I decided to reply in this video.

I will give your three examples rather than list the dozens of reasons. These are three ways people have benefited from reading my reports.

Today is August 20th, 2016.

I received an email from a woman who has been reading my reports since 2009, just as the crash was really getting rolling. She had just retired as a teacher, and wanted to know what was going to be affecting her retirement. She wanted to read the most pessimistic economic reports she could get and stumbled across my web bot reports.

In her email she told me that she was fascinated by so much in my reports she could not put them down, and like a school teacher had printed copies all marked up. She said that in 2012 one item I kept promoting caught her attention and she went for it. She had seen so much of what was in the web bot reports ‘manifesting in front of my eyes’ as she put it, that she decided to go big.

Her retirement was being eaten away faster by the banks than by her spending it to live so she got it all into a bank account and decided to put an eighth of it into something that had been in my reports for about 6 months at that point, and that I was personally saying was going to ‘have long legs’. She started buying Bitcoin at 75 cents each. She has thousands now. She did go big. As of this recording Bitcoin is over 584$ US.

She was writing to ask if today’s price was still a buying opportunity as some of her other investments had paid off big and she wanted to take some money ‘off the table’ as she put it.
I’ll tell you in a minute what I wrote her back.

My second example is someone who profited by NOT being somewhere at the really right time. This just happened. I received the email about 30 minutes ago. From a reader who was going to be on the cruise ship that was on fire a few miles off the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. He said he just had a ‘funny feeling’ about taking the ‘litte vacation’. Then his wife reminded him how odd it was to read in this August report, released days before, about a Caribbean cruise ship fire….

So he said that he just decided to ‘give into’ the ‘funny feeling’ and not go. He and his wife were able to stay home and watch their cruise ship burning in real time on live teevee.

He said that it was the best decision he had made in 23 years.

He was emailing to ask about their next intended trip this Fall to the US east coast.

I’ll tell you in a minute what I wrote back to him. Actually more to his wife…but,

my third example is still happening, and I have no email from them, yet, but I am confident I will get one. You see, several readers of our reports live in Louisana, and are now behind the wall of flood and power outages. But I know that they will be sending me emails as soon as the internet is reconnected saying that they were prepared and ready. Because they had written to me before the floods asking about their region…

I told them the same thing I wrote back to the other two.

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttGf97G8DAI

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