Clif High offers lots of SEO suggestions for small business owners and then dives into general web bot information.

  • 04:34 Clif interview begins; SEO – Search Engine Optimization – How to sell things in the new world
  • 12:00 How to reach the minds behind the google ads; Focused test
  • 14:05 Bombed out for first 6 days
  • 17:30 Keywords in video title should be mentioned in first 8 seconds or so and end of video
  • 21:15 Tell a story
  • 26:15 Focus on a very niche customer
  • 28:10 Fake story about Deutsche Bank failing seems to be propagation study
  • 33:00 Web Bot Reports highlight only a fraction of Web Bot data
  • 34:00 Democrat presidential candidate may withdraw
  • 35:15 Mining stocks may be a worthy investment
  • 36:45 Gold, silver, and bitcoin; Bitcoin will reach a period of going up 9% every day
  • 38:10 MtGOX; True bitcoin price is under $800
  • 40:30 No intrinsic value of gold; Roman Empire gold value; Bitcoin is currency of new empire
  • 44:15 Gold is being revalued by outlying regions of US Empire; Bitcoin rising in influence at the same time
  • 47:47 Value of silver ounce is basically static; Bitcoin is gaining value and is instantly put to new uses that are always adding to intrinsic value
  • 51:30 Period of earth expansion and ice age; Alternating temperatures; Lakes in the sky (Rain bombs)
  • 55:10 Chunneling – channeled sinkholes
  • 57:10 Terrible winter
  • 58:18 Turkish Explosion

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