Prediction about Hillary’s demise seems to be correct as as we are being presented with Hillary body doubles or CGI versions. That data set correlates to a crashing bond market.

YouTube Description: Discussion about recent Hillary health ‘episodes’, body doubles (more than one of them), CGI Hillary, and bonds and the US dollar as we move through October into November.

  • 00:17 Is Hillary Clinton alive: At least two body doubles and CGI Hillary
  • 02:00 Fake Hillary set corresponds with bond crashing set
  • 02:56 Data showed that Hillary would “BE dropped out”
  • 05:05 FED will submit three major initiatives that will be ignored
  • 06:00 FED becomes irrelevant by October
  • 07:24 Dollar defined in the constitution as an amount of silver and gold
  • 08:27 Where’s Hillary?

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