Clif teaches a class on the successful use of Twitter Ads by detailing his extraordinary “Chemtrail” campaign.

YouTube Description: Heard from Twitterads! It was a URL screwup on my part that got my campaign shut down! This video goes over the campaign that reached 81.75% response!

Dominate Advertising Online – This video is publicly available. Other videos in the series are for purchasers of the Dominate Advertising Online book, and TwitterGlitter software which allows you to find very emotionally active key words for your online advertising.

In this video i describe how i achieved 81.75% on a tweet engagement campaign that also brought in new followers as well as a number of sales of my ALTA report.

  • 00:30 Clif’s Twitter Ads are so successful that Twitter shut them down; 74% Tweet engagement ratio
  • 02:20 Possible infraction: “Hillary Clinton”
  • 03:00 Three areas of interest for keywords: 1) Interests; 2) Behaviors; 3) Negative Behaviors; Narrowly focused ads; How to Breath Free in a Chemtrail World
  • 10:30 Appreciation for comedy and humor
  • 11:55
  • 15:00 Looking at Twitter Analytics
  • 27:30 Push “chemtrails” to the background to find the bleeding edge of keywords
  • 28:40 Cognative Dissonance
  • 39:50 Think and Grow Rich
  • 43:00 Banned twice on Twitter, moving to Google Adwords

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