Very weird election season as Hillary is still missing leads to huge post-election confusion and repatriation of US Dollar. Deep State trying to recover control.

YouTube Description: Note: Audio goes wonky about 10 minutes in. It is all there, just a bit out of sync.
Discussion of current boobooyaga election season, stuff coming in November and March of next year and beyond.

  • 00:01 Weirdest election season I’ve ever seen; Trump will win; Post-election confusion; “Hillary Missing”; “Deep State Active”
  • 03:15 “Fractured Politics”; Repatriation of Dollars; Debt bubble bursts
  • 08:50 US hasn’t had capitalism since creation of the Federal Reserve
  • 11:20 Federal Reserve will be changing digits as dollars are repatriated; 3-fold increase on circulating dollars
  • 14:30 $12,000 bitcoin

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