Part 2 of Sarah Westall’s first interview with Clif High. The recording begins in middle of the discussion of a worldwide network of pyramids and continues with potential technology from Antarctica.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:58 Sarah provides a good Clif bio; 9/11 prediction; 50% accuracy
  • 03:18 Clif interview continues; Worldwide network of pyramids
  • 04:53 SciFi World; Oil industry will cease to exist
  • 06:00 Influential people going to Antarctica; Antarctica photos and pyramid
  • 16:00 Age of Aquarius; Coming ice age
  • 27:30 Potential pyramid energy
  • 40:00 New healing modality to be discovered in Antarctica
  • 43:00 Homage in Men In Black III
  • 49:00 Humanity-level truth and reconciliation
  • 52:15 Clif’s military dad didn’t put up with the corruption at the power centers
  • 56:30 Future predictions: $14,048 bitcoin; $600 silver; Silver and gold parity

Original video link:

Clif High's Pure Sleep
Clif High Library
Clif High Necessities
C60 Purple Power

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