Continuation of Sarah Westall interview with Clif High in which there is lots of discussion around weather changes, the coming Ice Age, and the exposure of Antarctica secrets.

Continued from Part 1

  • 01:40 The Blob in the Pacific Ocean affecting weather
  • 07:40 Fracking areas to become inland seas
  • 08:15 Young people will be very angry because what they have been told was not true
  • 09:10 POPWAR; Migration into Europe; Fundamental flaw with Islam – inbreeding
  • 17:30 Coming Ice Age; Plane frozen in mid-flight
  • 25:30 Different colored oceans; Light spectrum shift; White sun
  • 27:57 Ruins being exposed in Antarctica; Pyramids; Giant stairways and tunnels
  • 36:30 Release of secrets; Faction A (pedophiles) vs Faction B

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