Social media in its current form is dying because 1) censorship killed advertising returns and 2) advertisers don’t want ads on videos that make their brands look bad.

YouTube Description: Brief markets flow, then more discussion on advertising problems on social media. This is a huge, giant change going on within the social media moneyspace that is going to forever change the nature of our interactions with these platforms. Fortunes are being lost each day! Business plans for years are being flushed down the drain every minute! Giant changes right in front of our faces!

  • 01:04 Understanding collapse language
  • 02:30 Drama in YouTube to get clicks; Ads associated with extremists
  • 05:00 YouTube TV on demand
  • 08:50 Social media will die in it’s current form because advertising isn’t working
  • 18:30 Tai Lopez and stupid ad placement

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