The proper response to YouTube killing ad revenue for alt creators is to grow funding options for your videos that you actually own.

YouTube Description: Welcome to Alt Reality, and what to do about it!

This is a discussion of the current digestive upset affecting social media via advertiser boycott, and its impacts on the broader Youtube community. The discussion includes a frame work for thinking about what is going on and how it will all affect you, either as a viewer, or creator. This discussion has several suggestions that may fit your circumstances as a creator for Youtube during these very difficult years of the media wars.

Alt media discussion
ALT Right
ALT left
Body Building

  • 01:40 YouTube bubble pen-pricked by WSJ article that resulted in loss of ad revenue
  • 04:15 Advertisers could have solved problem themselves…all the tools were there…any good linguist could have figured it out
  • 08:00 New YouTube strategy based on keywords and possible partnerships
  • 09:00 Alt-right, alt-identity, alt-anything were damaged
  • 11:15 2-year article repeat cycle
  • 13:40 Many beauty channels have a very short cycle
  • 16:00 Alts have the emotional connection with their audience; Nobody cares about legacy media; Berlin wall between the Alts and Legacy
  • 22:00 Alternate ways to earn income: micropayments, Pay Per View, Direct sales – merch, independent advertising , infomercials

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