In less than 5 minutes, Clif provides his top 5 reasons we don’t live on a flat earth.

YouTube Description: Welcome to Alt Reality #4 – Not flat earth! Top 5 human reasons why!

In this discussion there are presented my top 5/five human reasons to think we do not live on a flat earth. Each and every one is presented as a challenge….you tell me why each item proves we don’t live on a flat earth. A few easy ones at the beginning to get your brain warmed up.

Not a big deal but I am getting annoyed at having to constantly fight with people about flat earth, so now I have a video where I can point them, asking, “can you answer my 5 questions first?”….

thanks for watching.

Clif high channel on YouTube

Remember, if it doesn’t leave you wondering WTF did I just watch? It is not a clif high video!

  • 00:20 5) German ballistics in WWI (Paris Gun)
  • 00:49 4) Over horizon radar
  • 01:22 3) Richard Hoagland (Book: Dark Mission)
  • 02:17 2) Distribution of Omega 3, 6, 9 spread
  • 03:25 1) Celestial Navigation

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