Bitcoin is not in a bubble if you understand the long-term outcome. This will be the biggest wealth transfer in history because it involves the entire world.

YouTube Description: Wujo on how I know bitcoin is not in a bubble, and a discussion of temporal markers from sets a few months back, and our current position in time.
The cryptos are not in a bubble, now, and will likely not be for some considerable period of time. However as people are learning, cryptospace is volatile. A ‘zen’ mind set really helps.
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  • 00:50 Several ways to know a bubble is happening; Capital flight
  • 04:20 Fall of British Empire
  • 06:00 Zero saturation of cryptos across the planet; Already in a digital currency system; Gresham’s Law
  • 10:15 Control you private keys; We’re not in a bubble yet; Refurbishing the EM50
  • 15:55 TM = Temporal Marker;
  • 22:30 Oscillating flow of cryptocurrencies; Crocodile teeth
  • 25:25 Greatest wealth transfer in history

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