Clif High explains to Sarah Westall that a college degree is not needed and is equivalent to selling your child into slavery. The show ends with lots of Antarctica insight.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:30 College degree not necessary; Charlie Chan and the Chinese cultural revolution; Student Loan Debt; Selling your child into slavery
  • 15:45 Corruption will be exposed as bad money dies; 6000 Special Access Projects classified above President’s grade
  • 18:00 Structure of Deep State; Small tribes vs Pyramid organization structure; Rothschilds = Bauer
  • 25:00 Personal integrity; Book: Think and Grow Rich
  • 26:58 Gender, team sports, social, entrepreneurism; Gender equality
  • 34:25 Antarctica; Freezing mechanism at poles reversed; 904 job ads in September; Infrastructure being built; 12,000 scientists
  • 44:15 Google censoring of Antarctica; Neuschwabenland
  • 49:45 McCord Airforce Base is cold-weather staging area; Huge New Zealand “Southern Ocean Exploration” project; Mountain of coal; SAIC > leidos

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