Video codex idea to prevent YouTube video theft; Friction at Populous; Chill about bitcoin volatility when overall trend is up.

YouTube Description: a video made during our moving process. Using the EM50 mobile recording studio. Discussion about moving, about the FUD around Populous and how i think i fit into the situation, some words about how i am going to address the vid theft issue off youtube, and a drawing about crypto price movements.

  • 00:14 Moving to a tsunami-safe location
  • 01:22 EM50 repairs; McLee’s Automotive; Populous and small business – invoice factoring
  • 05:40 Clif’s video being used in an extortion plot
  • 06:43 Thwarting YouTube video theft
  • 16:03 People should chill about crypto volatility…just part of the upward-trending crocodile teeth; Tone Vays; “Building the gum line” and other tooth paradigms showed in data
  • 21:42 $2888 bitcoin
  • 24:00 If you haven’t lived through a bitcoin crash, you’re not a real bitcoiner

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