2017: First half of Clif interviewing Reggie Middleton, founder of Veritaseum, about the technical aspects of the program and its enormous potential for changing the finance landscape.

YouTube Description: This is part 1/one of my interview with Reggie Middleton. The split in files was forced on us by an inelegant termination of the xSplit software. I was able to recover the file. It is not 100% ~ note that the quality is slightly degraded, but Reggie’s discussion is complete, and clear.

In part 1 we go over the veritaseum basics as well as make Tone Vays head explode.

We also get through the discussion to various aspects of utility for veritaseum, and skirt some of the new projects in the works.

Glad to be able to recover and post. Reggie was very generous with his time. Would have hated to have to ask for a redo.

  • 01:30 Responding to @ToneVays criticism around the concept of Veritaseum
  • 11:55 Veritasuem is a derivative system that allows exposure to any asset with a data feed
  • 12:40 How Veritaseum handles counterparty risk and “wagers”; Superior form of an escrow service; Smart contract to buy a house; Art; Precious metals
  • 17:15 Bix Weir at @RoadtoRoota – Veritasium vs commodity markets
  • 19:40 Space-based possibilities – Negotiating satellite use contracts; Sharing economy; Electric Vehicle (EV) sharing
  • 23:50 No need for a white paper; Patent applications are more important
  • 28:48 Platform token vs Entity token
  • 38:10 Diminishment of the paper debt model

Continued on Part 2

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_o2suq3GAA

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