Second half of Clif interviewing Reggie Middleton, founder of Veritaseum, about the technical aspects of the program and its enormous potential for changing the finance landscape.

Continued from Part 1

YouTube Description: This is part 2/two of the interview I did with Reggie Middleton of Veritaseum.

Part one was forced on us when Xsplit broadcaster crashed.

I still have the file, but it was corrupted by the inelegant shutdown by the software. I will attempt to clean it up, and post it here.
Pain in the butt. All that work. Second time it has happened, and that means, so much for xsplit broadcaster software for me. Not going to use it again.

Anyway, Reggie answered all your questions and more. Kick ass interview. He is really busy and if I can’t recover the file, I will ask for time again. This is especially irritating as all the stuff about making Tone Vays’ head explode was in part 1. Damn.

Anyway, part two is great, and Reggie was great. Very gracious of him to make the time considering the huge workload he has.

  • 00:10 Renting tokens
  • 08:00 Financial exchanges; Tokenize performance; Small businesses and ventures trading side-by-side with facebook and Google stocks
  • 13:20 Temporal markers involving Veritaseum; Not a pump-and-dump; Value-driven; Utility value
  • 19:57 Shift to ScFi World invalidates much of the legal system; Jsnip4 @RealistNews bought a house with the appreciation of Veritaseum in one month
  • 25:15 Clif’s grandfather profited by hoarding tires
  • 28:40 Prominent magazine about to do a hit piece on Veritaseum

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