In this interview with Sarah Westall, Clif High introduces C60 as an industrial lubricant and explains significance of the ridiculous LD (Lethal Dose) experiments.

Continued from Part 2

  • 00:18 Everyday people employed in Antarctica will start spilling the secrets
  • 01:15 Zachariah Sitchen full of shit; Planet X is bogus; Everything was mistranslated; Electric Universe; Petroglyphs all over the world
  • 05:00 C60; Determining Lethal Dose in rats;
  • 17:55 Ancillary effects of C60: Prevents cell degradation, antioxidant effects, cross the blood-brain barrier, hyper oxygenated with free radical damage; Detox effects
  • 22:55 C60 Purple Power in olive oil vs Avocado oil or Coconut oil
  • 29:00 Staying young longer
  • 32:00 Shungite
  • 34:40 Datasets show antiaging movement
  • 36:40 C60 and liver regeneration
  • 43:10 Producing only cryptocurrency reports due to data pollution from Blue Chicken Cult
  • 47:30 Observing Secret Space Program with night vision goggles; Model #PCV7 3rd Generation

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