On the Sarah Westall show, Clif High was telling us way back in 2018 that hyperinflation may start happening in 2022-24, that the so-called “mass arrests” were bogus, and that Americans would start ignoring official news sources the way Russians did just before the White Revolution.

  • 04:55 Clif joins show; Hyperinflation in 1917-19; Accumulation phase; Real hyperinflation in US in 2022-24; Cryptos as hedge against inflation
  • 11:45 Governments creating crypto taxcoin; Governments can’t operate transparently
  • 16:03 British opium wars in China
  • 18:20 White Revolution – Russian dog-walking hour – masses ignored the news
  • 21:53 Cryptocurrency tax issue; Sealed indictments (mass arrests) are not real; David Wilcock
  • 31:40 10% Factor; Public refusing to redefine deviancy
  • 36:25 Corporate media will die; True mass media is informing people
  • 37:58 Base Expectancy Study; Pedophiles don’t reform
  • 42:00 Male circumcision, brain development, predation, hormonal receptors, divorce rates
  • 49:00 Boundaries of countries will change

Continued on Part 2

Link to original video: https://odysee.com/@sarahwestall:0/clif-high-gaia-disinformation-agents-q:9

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