This Leak Project interview with Clif High covers a smorgasbord: cometary solar system; possible explanation chemtrails; Antarctica; Nummo; Vrille.

00:00:37 NUMMO were pre-Annunaki
00:01:55 Dr Baht – Cometary model of solar system; Flat Earth
00:07:37 12 new moons around Jupiter
00:11:45 Sun = tip of TIG welder as it flies through the materium of space
00:14:45 Chemtrails; Weather modification; Geoengineering
00:18:00 Catostrophic earth history; Lake Tahoe temperatures; UVA, UVB, UVC
00:25:15 Large meteor over Seattle area
00:28:00 No concern about megafloods; Environmental devastation
00:34:07 1942 meeting in US military; Chemtrails as a method to dispose of fly ash, like fluoride in water
00:36:55 Yellow Sun replaced by white one; Sun is metal ball in an electric universe; Expanding Earth
00:45:10 Brazil connection passes American military operations doing Antarctica prep
00:54:00 Most of our false understanding of Annunaki came from Sitchin; Enki;
00:56:00 Earliest concepts of Nummo; Active role in creating vertebras
01:10:10 War between Nummo (star people) Annunaki (sky people); Michael Tellinger, Biglino
01:14:00 Nummo spaceship fueled by copper ball
01:15:30 Stargates; Folding space
01:21:00 Increase of jobs in Antarctica
01:24:50 Clif learned to sail as a young kid (Flat Earth)
01:26:26 Anomalous things discovered by boaters; Egyptian stelae
01:31:30 Power Curve (Wikipedia example)
01:34:50 Vrille parasites; Channeler feeding on auras; Book: Thinking and Destiny
01:40:00 Energy waves from South Africa to Antarctica
01:45:00 Gender and stargates; Triune humans; Alternate gender for each life; No memories from previous lives; Metempsychosis

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