Clif High explains to Sarah Westall how the Russians, utilizing technology based on the works of Andrei Kozyrev are 40 years ahead of US in both health-related issues and some military applications.

  • 01:35 Andrei Kozyrev research on entropy; Universe is self-correcting
  • 05:00 70% of experiments cited in peer review journals can’t be replicated; SCENAR scanning system
  • 09:30 22 trillion times per second pulse; Matter is created when energy reaches a certain level of complexity
  • 19:00 Influencing entropy
  • 21:45 Agenda influencing western science; Kozyrev experiments were analog
  • 24:45 Antigravity; Bob Lazar, Element 115
  • 28:25 Russians 50 years ahead; Russians not concerned about any laser weapon

Continued in Part 2

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