Clif High and Sarah Westall discuss how backward the US has become and how critical it is to self-educate rather than to be “schooled”.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:42 Program begins; In many ways, US is similar to bombed-out Germany after WWII
  • 02:35 Difference between schooling and education; Earth is not flat
  • 03:47 Anti-C60 people
  • 05:15 CIA promotion of people who harmonize with its agenda; Corey Goode
  • 07:24 Robert David Steele; Jason Goodman incident
  • 17:00 Life is suffering; Acceptance and choosing a happy ending
  • 18:25 Some people are born with huge psychic abilities
  • 22:00 Tesseract school style; Homeschooling; Life-long education
  • 29:00 Amazon taxed to support homeless people; Cannot legislate equal results for everyone
  • 30:50 Black markets are true free markets

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