MYSTERIES OF THE GRAND CANYON: The Grand Canyon was not created by eons of water erosion but from a catastrophic electrical discharge event that scarred Earth, Mars, and probably Venus at the same time.

  • 02:08 Interview begins; River erosion theory is bogus; Grand Canyon really created by interplanetary electrical discharge; plasma discharge
  • 06:38 Sun is not a nuclear reactor; Electrical force is far more powerful than gravity, Sun is metal; TIG torch
  • 10:35 Vacuum only behind the sun; Voyager can’t penetrate heliopause
  • 11:08 Solar system picked up an exoplanet – Venus; Venus spins opposite direction; Lightening exchanges between Venus, Mars, Earth, and Sun
  • 16:00 Electrical events described all over the planet; Global “war”
  • 18:10 Hominids, coneheads, ETs, Annunaki; Egyptian stelae all over mouth of Mississippi; Chinese Treasure Junkets
  • 21:40 Bix Weir’s Grand Canyon theory; Consensus layers influence remote viewing
  • 23:56 Our minds cannot fail
  • 27:40 Pissing off a remote viewer with a null result; Freebasing the matrix
  • 29:30 Past is sealed off, can’t be repaired/changed; Time travel into past is impossible

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