Practical suggestions for minimizing the damage you will create due to exposure to the strange energies from space. Ancient Chinese parallel.

YouTube Description: Adults only – rough language about history, humans, and stuff

  • 01:45 Strange energies from space since the 1950s
  • 03:30 Period of ancient Chinese history parallels our current time; Daoism; Confucianism; Buddhism
  • 10:20 In 2003 5% of our atmosphere; Caused Banda Aceh earthquake
  • 14:30 Three treasures and five virtues
    Three Treasures
    – Simplicity
    – Compassion
    – Humility
  • 18:45 CW Chanter
  • 23:17 Five Golden Virtues
    – Compassion
    – Equality
    – Loyalty
    – Maturity
    – Honor
  • 29:19 Q linguistics changed from 4chan to 8chan
  • 30:10 Jordan Sather
  • 31:25 Thinking and Destiny; Tether is a piece of shit; Five Bushel Leaue – Most successful self-care healthcare system in history
  • 34:25 Reggie Middleton; Blockchain voting; Artic; Irish Power Generation scheme
  • 38:00 Petroglyphs suggest that cavedwellers would checker if sun radiation would light a stick on fire
  • 40:05 Law of One material channeled and not worth the effort; David Wilcock and vitamins; Kozyrev
  • 43:45 Lesson of kid beating on old Nazi

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