Clif brainstorms with C60 scientist Ken Swartz about elements that have the best potential as quantum entrained particles for Clif’s galactic internet idea.

YouTube Description: A discussion with Ken of C60 purple power about C60 and radioactivity and health, and such. Also discussion about various approaches to choosing candidate molecules for the start of the Great InterGalactic InterWeb Hack.

  • 01:19 A C60 supplier has been bought out by NASA; California residents might consider C60 to deal with effects of Semi Valley nuclear reactor meltdown; Protection from radiation; Layers of radiation in the dust that is stirred up by fires
  • 06:00 C60 and Clif’s laying hens; Clif’s does better with the pure C60 than with the pet version;
  • 10:28 Articles at National Institutes of Health on using C60 as a delivery mechanism for drugs; Liposomal C60 vs Hydroxylated C60; Experiences with menopause reversal
  • 13:23 Curaderm
  • 18:30 Stem Cells; C60 may affect quality of stem cells; Increased telomere lengths; SOD
  • 23:30 C60 in Red Clay at bottom of ocean;
  • 25:08 Clif’s galactic internet idea; Quantum entrained particles
  • 31:18 Cesium or Tungsten as potential quantum entangled particles; Monoatomic beryllium and god; Sodium
  • 36:12 Buckminster Fuller tetrahedral reality; Aluminum shield
  • 40:51 Hartmut Muller resonator; Kozyrev

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