WHO RUNS THE WORLD? A discussion of power structures and how they ultimately culminate into eight controlling families. Cryptocurrency technology is flattening the pyramid.

  • 00:00 Song about Clif
  • 03:05 Who runs the world?
  • 04:40 Clif’s bias as a military brat; Responsibility at the individual level up the pyramid; Corporations are very similar
  • 07:19 Supervision by committee starts at higher levels; Then committees shrink until the guy at the top
  • 09:25 Eight individuals claim to own half of all monetary resources on planet; Whoever runs the planet is within the Rothschild family structure
  • 10:45 Germans were convinced the true ruler was under a mountain
  • 12:00 How did humans come to be on earth? Fake history; At least 6 previous civilizations
  • 14:18 Tower of Babel; Manipulated paradigm
  • 15:45 Cognitive changes result in not reading books; Negative effects of using small screens
  • 17:58 Recreating technology from scratch; Seeded technology; Cargo Cult
  • 21:15 Early transistor discussion in military; Epigenetic changes due to remote communication
  • 22:55 100th monkey
  • 23:34 Clif’s reading software; Saccadic eye movements
  • 26:38 Constraints of committees
  • 27:05 Manipulating YouTube results
  • 32:40 Cryptocurrency tech is leveling out the power pyramid, replacing many old systems; Resolving debt at the sovereign level

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/D0gPfJb7H8CD/

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