2019: In his 4th/5th* episode of the Cancer Ward Series, Clif provides positive feedback on his experiences with GcMAF, Nitric Oxide, Humann SuperBeets, and the Hypervibe vibration plate exercise machine.

YouTube Description: Update and discussion of GCMafPlus products as well as Nitric Oxide products and Hypervibe as exercise machine for anti-cancer therapy

* Archivist Note: Our impression in that Clif mislabeled this as Episode 5 in his Cancer Ward Series when it is really Episode 4. Although YouTube HAS deleted some of Clif’s videos, we think we got them all before that happened. In this video, Clif mentions a previous video in which he talked about GcMAF. We think that was Episode 3—indeed deleted YouTube—which can be found in our archives.

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6JWmBM3f60

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