3-min addition to the last Cancer Ward video. Clif does a demonstration with his gym rings as proof that they other things are aiding in his body rebuilding project.

YouTube Description: Update and discussion of GCMafPlus products as well as Nitric Oxide products and Hypervibe as exercise machine for anti-cancer therapy – part two. Some minor discussion of hypervibe and muscles shown


Father, 77, small celled carcinoma in bladder removed, metastasis in prostate gone after FB application

Gerd, friend of my father, 62, small cell lung cancer, resektion of half a lung, chemo, radiation, no cancer in lung but metastasis in liver, kidney, came home to die. After second week on FB, reenergized, wound healing sped up, gets up at 5, prepares coffee and goes about his day. Metastasis encapsulated, tbc.

Uncle, 66, Pancreatic cancer, six metastasis in kidneys. Was not able to eat rolls dipped in tea. Sent him home to die. Hunger reappeared, eats every thing again, no more pain, psoriasis disappeared. Yesterdays Cat results: All Cancer tumors shrunk in size, encapsulated.

From one of our members: “On an other and much more vital note, I wanted to let you know that we found panacur in Belgium for very cheap and after one month of treatment, the invasive and aggressive cancer stage 3 breast cancer of my wife as shown by the biopsy was reduced to a non aggressive cancer as shown by the tissue analysis of the breast as shown by the mastectomy… as a result: non chemo, or immunotherapy, just the recommendation to take a med blocking estrogen to protect the other breast. You have my biggest heartfelt thanks for sharing that information with me and a special thanks to Rose and Edd.”

What they have in common is the application of Fenbendazole, C60, 4-10 Gramm Vitamin C, CBD Oil 20% or 6000mg, 1Teaspoon Kurkumin, Vitamin E compound of both Vit E, and tell the doctors to screw themselves.
The hardest part is how the doctors persistently, dogmatically manipulate the patient into other treatments using the weakened state of the patient.

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_W-jh3OI3k

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