On this Sarah Westall show, Clif High explains how the new energies from the Sun and beyond are affecting health (mentally and physically) and how to use nutrition to fortify oneself against those forces.

  • 02:56 Program begins
  • 05:14 Clif joins program
  • 05:39 5G; Military use of millimeter wavebands
  • 06:48 Energies from beyond the Sun; Solar Minimum; Banda Aceh Earthquake; 2061 estimated to be peak of energies
  • 11:38 Possible outside influence controlling minds of those who hurt their families
  • 14:00 Clif has THC (pot) in his system
  • 15:04 Possible reason RIFE technology no longer works
  • 16:00 Millimeter waves used to analyze DNA in labs; Srewing with hormonal balance; Degrading ability to think
  • 21:50 Orthomolecular Medicine; Linus Pauling; Optimal Vitamins; C60 appears to help the body shed radiation; NASA bought C60 supplier; Grounding
  • 29:10 Finding effective nutritional products; Vitamin C; Clif’s rebuilding body
  • 34:30 Internet is better than a doctor’s memory
  • 35:45 Two kinds of intelligence: Crystalized (wisdom and knowledge) vs Fluid (creativity)
  • 37:20 MMS; Gut and Mouth Biome; Nitric Oxide; Erectile Dysfunction
  • 42:50 C60 and Vaccine Damage
  • 47:00 Solar changes and human history; Age of Aquarius – Knowledge bearer

Continued on Part 2

Direct link to video: https://odysee.com/@sarahwestall:0/why-people-are-going-nuts-solar-2:a

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