In this second part of the Sarah Westall show, Clif High tackles the issue of modern feminism and explains why the ability to learn supersedes the ability to memorize trivia.

Continued from Part 1

  • 02:05 Program begins; Daoist literature; Individuals able to change things on the planet with a single word
  • 03:35 Science literature shows we are currently living in a new Golden Age
  • 05:30 Being prepared to deal with the consequences of freedom; Death of Democratic Party; Leftovers from Age of Pisces; Moving to Age of Aquarius
  • 08:45 San Francisco as a representation for communism; Politics is a trailing indicator; Dealing honestly with mental illness
  • 11:00 Experiments show symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia can be addressed with B vitamins
  • 13:00 Screwy influences of feminism
  • 16:40 Enlightenment leads to using language appropriately; Most scientific experiments can’t be replicated
  • 20:00 Google’s first mover advantage; INTELQ’s investment in Google; Building a better Google; Google is in the process of collapse due to being an advertiser rather than a publisher
  • 29:50 Anything that stays static will be gamed; Google algorithms
  • 30:35 David Wilcock erroneous video traffic numbers
  • 33:30 Importance of good thinking over memorizing trivia
  • 35:28 Joe Rogan interview with Bob Lazar
  • 36:27 Experimenting with new products; Datalogging NOA data; Book: America Before by Graham Hancock; Mastodon bones indicate ancient humans in North America; Dumping bones of giants off the coast of California

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