In this rare in-person interview, Clif talks about blockchain technology leading to decentralized society and providing optimism about the future. Part 3 of 3

Continued from Part 2

  • 00:00 Change of disruption through 2024 and 2029 then stabilize a bit; Blockchain improvements and software eating the planet; Translation software
  • 03:50 Facebook and LibreCoin; Dopamine triggers; Stablecoin
  • 10:50 Congressional laws must be known about by January of that year
  • 12:33 Can’t ask why; Perhaps LibreCoin was a rug-pull against Amazon
  • 15:08 Teddy Roosevelt busting up the trusts = Trump busting up social media; IRS was sold to population as a way to do away with tariffs
  • 19:45 Cryptocurrencies will prevent governments from “losing” $21 trillion from Pentagon budget
  • *21:40 Decentralized social order; Constantine’s Council of Nicaea
  • 25:35 $100,000 bitcoin parties; HODLers
  • 31:05 Deutsche Bank; Manipulation of student debt
  • 37:20 Software as an over-unity device
  • 39:30 Soaring Twenties
  • 41:55 Quadrillions of assets into cryptos
  • 47:00 Optimism toward the future; Matter magazine

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