• 00:02:35 Reincarnation; 84 million lives to become human
  • 00:04:00 Hindu approach to reincarnation; Yoga missing 2/3rds of its core material; Great War brought us the Sahara Desert and Antarctica; Vast quantities of Sanskrit still not digitized; Reincarnation in early Christianity
  • 00:07:15 Sidereal Zodiac Astrology vs Western;
  • 00:09:15 Little Bloop vs Big Bang; 22 trillion times per second
  • 00:14:02 Dr Bhat; Heliacal model of Solar System
  • 00:16:52 French study of famous people showed accurate predictions with Vedic charts
  • 00:17:39 Moon is artificial; Newton was wrong about gravity; Atmosphere on moon; Jainism; “2 1/2 islands” = Earth, Mars, & Moon
  • 00:21:09 CERN; Bob Lazar;
  • 00:25:00 Spirit cooking; Jenny Moonstoon; Spanish Inquisition; Burning people alive; Metempsychosis
  • 00:29:29 Explanation of Web Bot Reports; Depression/Past, Anxiety/Future
  • 00:38:35 Memories of past lives; Metempsychosis; Intuition; Final life
  • 00:50:00 Reincarnation into animals; Four senses, not five. No sense organ for feeling/touch; Feeling mind vs Body mind
  • 00:54:55 Meditation
  • 01:01:50 Consciousness, Psychedelics, AI, AGI (Artificial General Intelligence
  • 01:04:20 Crypto credit cards
  • 01:07:00 $13,880 Bitcoin
  • 01:08:46 Hashgraph
  • 01:10:05 Coming Ice Age; Appalachian Mountains; 2065 peak ice age
  • 01:13:00 QANON; John Teter
  • [01:19:35 Robert Heinlein; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress; “The Poet”; Delta
  • 01:24:05 North Korea; Space X, China; DEW
  • 01:28:00 Trump draining the swamp; Crazy King Wen
  • 01:30:20 Oprah and Harvey Weinstein;
  • 01:32:43 Lawsuit against mainstream media for lying (Nick Sandmann? Kyle Rittenhouse?)

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khhQm2t17B0

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  1. Astrology is not a cause and effect. It is a polarity of macro/micro. They perfectly reflect each other. They are a metaphor for one another. What happens in the macro (planets, planetoids, asteroids, star clusters, galaxies), happens within us and within Humanity.

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